Sugars Ain’t so sweet in Durban

February 2019, baby brother is back in hospital and I’m mad, I’m sad, I’m crying, I’m swearing. He’s addicted to his best friend named Sugars, the surname… hoenga. As he exits the hospital today, 2 weeks after near death, he strides largely to find and wash another car for that next hit that he didn’t quite catch yet. Oh man. I sigh… Thank you Lord, I have him longer.

I call out to the rest of the world. Our children are self destructing! My art is only what I was blessed with. ”Don’t Drug… Dance!” 31 March at Vuco lounge, Morrison Street, I will expose the very minority I can contribute. KZN communities! Where in Einstein’s brains, and in the beliefs of JT Foxx motivations are you!? Come out under that rock and LOOK at your child! LOOK at my child! Your child is my child Durban! My call is at least a controllable community! my passion? Upliftment! We may not eradicate it, but as we stand united all communities, we can minute it. Help me… Help us.

Durban struggles with Drug named hoping/ sugars.