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It is the aim o Cherlano to find amd fund afor a period of one month eah momth of 2012. Money raised will be used to ensure access to supported material needed I order to run a smoother duty? Chore and reponsibilty o the Chierity or cause. OUR biography of many prior upliftment projects, assistance with the homeless, abuse matters and others, over the past 2 prior decades now, with former CEO,Chereldene Hamann,our past efforts and work indeed proves us to be most experienced with regards to attending to what the charity at hand may require and the techniques instilled in us in how we handle our projects. Hence, our biography does protect the Cherlano trademark and will ensure creating ideas and our mini store, that we have our ebooks and naturaly skilled hand made products to expose the skills our youth in Kzn is blessed with! These programs are intended to increase and improve intelligent,as well as knowledge skills in our communities Our urgent airuatiom, JUSTas Wordpreas is about free software, and open source development. Some programs under consideration for funding include: Video recording to YouTube amd income opportunities in that. Also a face to face meet up group presentations Intro to Open Source workshops, spreading knowledge and understanding of the open web and open source in parts of the world with less participation in open source Charity hackathons, in which volunteers come together to build websites for non-profit organizations Live and/or video workshops on how to use and develop for WordPress School mentorship programs to encourage interest in WordPress/open source development. Improving documentation about how to use and develop for WordPress The WordPress Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization (Federal tax ID 20-5498932) and has no full-time employees or people on salary. Donors who sign up for any of the four annual subscription plans listed above will be included on our new Donors page, and enjoy the warm feeling of helping support commnity programs about WordPress and open source. Proudly powered by WordPress

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